Two Year Training

Fully Accredited by the Craniosacral Therapy Association UK

The practitioner training is a non-residential 42 day programme. There are fourteen 3 day seminars.


Small Group Size: limited to14/16 people

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How is the training organised?

The training is divided into two parts.

Foundation skills - Seminars 1-4

Part one focuses on the development of practitioner skills, palpation skills, and inter-personal and communication skills,

and forms the foundation for seminars 5-11.

It covers the Three Craniosacral Tides, Organising Principles of the body, the way Embryology forms the foundation

for the way the body self-heals,self-regulates and self-balances.

Exploring the integration of the body-mind process. Seminars 5-14

Course Overview

The second part of the training is an in-depth exploration of the human system and includes; the energy body; the anatomy & physiology; and it's form & structure.

You'll be introduced to specific palaption skills that help to build a relationship to the different systems of the body. With each area of study, we further develop an understanding and experience of how each system in the body also contributes to our ability for self healing and self-regulation.

As we move towards the end of the training we begin rehearsing what is needed to be in practice. Making the transition from student to practitioner.

What's new in the training?

Within the second part of the training we have now integrated several new study areas that were previously post graduate study courses. They relate to detailed study of the viscera, central nervous system functions, circulation & the inter-relationships to the immune system and endocrine system, together with study of the Energy Body and its connections to the Craniosacral System.

Between the seminars

There is also home study between each of the seminars.

This involves practicing sessionwork learned during seminars, some reading of course notes,

reviewing your progress, and making notes on your sessionwork.This takes on average 3–4 hours per week

See A new way to learn to find out our approach to learning and study

See Self Assessment
to see how the student and teaching team learn together

See the Art of Study to find out about some of the ways we learn about anatomy and how we embody that learning to support our palpation skills.

See Course Overview to see how the course is organised

Enquiries: contact us

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further information and programme details (also see the links below):

See Training Curriculum for the complete content of the practitioner course


All of the workshops are held in Stroud, Glos. Uk

About the Venue & Stroud

Located in the heart of the Cotswolds, Stroud is a busy market town,

with good rail connections and plenty of eateries,

local accommodation and a fabulous market!

The Centre for Arts and Science, Lansdown, Stroud. GL5 1BB

Trains run direct from paddington in London, only taking an hour and a half.

By car: 20 minutes from M4 and 30 Minutes from M5.

Bristol & Bath less than an hour

The venue is a 2 minute walk to town shopping and eating,

and only 5 minutes to the rail station and parking.

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