SEMINARS that explore the Heart, Body and Spirit

with a heart centred approach.

Exploring through touch, sensing, gesture and embodied presence.


People who attend Heart of Being seminars? Most of the courses are open.

In general you will probably be interested in the healing arts, creative arts, dance, movement, meditation practices, yoga, chi kung or lifeskills in general. When a course is more suited to a specific group of people it will say in the course description.

Essentially, there may be a number of reasons why you'd like to attend one of the courses, either to support & nurture youself in your existing therapeutic practice; study or personal development; or simply looking for new opportunities to enhance your lifeskills.

You may have some skill in an embodiment practice, or you may be familiar with light therapeutic touch, and can be sensitive to the relational field.

Perhaps you are wanting to understand more about the body and energy work from a new perspective, so that you can work more effectively with your clients, or perhaps to support your own inner resources.

Maybe you have a detailed knowledge of anatomy and physiology in a theoretical way within your practice, but now seek to have a more of an embodied and heart centred experience.

New Courses for 2017 / 2018

Click links to the course descriptions

The Hearts Story

Cycles of Rejuvenation

The Story of Movement

Origins of Movement & Transformation details soon . .



Offering supportive, creative spaces for a wide range of people from different backgrounds

to explore being themselves with like minded fellow travellers of the Heart.

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