Inner Resonance

Making the Connection

Imagine that everything we know and have a relationship to, including things such as Art, clothes, possessions, homes, gardens, trees and fields, mountains, lakes, oceans, continents, our friends and loved ones, are instances where Resonance can and does occur.

Now consider that everything we do and think is an attempt to seek out and to return to the experience of Resonance. A return to the feeling of Belonging and feeling that things feel right.

Even though we may not identify the motivation for making and forming certain relationships, the real attraction and value of any relationship is whether it is fulfilling and makes us feel good. We are searching for the feeling of Resonance.

The profound nature of these kinds of experience are dependent on the nature and quality of the relationship we can have to something of an external nature, but we also have the potential to experience Resonance within our own body and our inner being, and this I would call a "state of Inner Resonance."

When a practitioner consciously perceives Resonance happening in a therapeutic relationship between themselves and patient, it is also a state of Inner Resonance. In this circumstance the practitioner creates the appropriate environment, conditions, and quality of presence so that they can receive the patients intention to be understood and received. Put another way, the patient's need to experience Resonance (whether consciously or unconsciously) is met.

Inner Resonance then, is a state of receptive presence or conscious empathy between two or more people.

Paul Vick