Everyone wants Resonance

Resonance is a powerful experience and we would do anything not to lose it. However, the moment we try to keep the experience, the feeling is gone.

We try to hold onto the experience and we are shocked and disappointed when the Resonant feeling diminishes. We grab on and try hard to hold onto it. Eventually we give up.

Resonance, or the quality of the relationship that promotes Resonance, is only nourished through surrender.

The practitioner who works with Resonance patiently navigates through the realms of the unknown and charts the way to a place where the patient can reveal there inner needs and will feel heard in that place.

This is the key to Resonance as it's to do with cultivating specific qualities of relationship, and that, for most of us, demands a new and fresh way of being with ourselves and with those around us.

Resonance is everywhere and always available to us. Everyone has the Potential to cultivate their own realtionship to it.

Everyone wants to discover their own Inner Resonance, regardless of their behaviours, relationships, occupations, looks, cultures, lifestyles, and tastes.

We are all searching for Resonance.