“Working in partnership with the way the body heals itself.”

The Cranial Concept is profound and elegant. It recognises that there is an energetic process present within the body which can be felt as motion within the tissues and fluids.

The manifestation of this movement was called the "Breath of Life", by Dr William Sutherland who researched and established this approach. It is also called the TIDE because it has two reciprocal phases of motion ~ just like the oceanic tide.

The "Breath of Life" is considered to be the basic ordering principle in the body, the weave between unity and diversity. Within the Human system it sustains, maintains, and integrates cellular and tissue function together with the various physiological processes that help the body to function as a whole.

Over the years practitioners have discerned different elements of 'The Tide'. The Tide is deeply connected to a dynamic presence which is simply called 'Stillness'. Out of this Stillness there appear 3 different qualities of the Tide. They are refered to as the '3 Tides'.