The Circle of Wisdom

The breath always comes round,
at the end of every outbreath there is the beginning of the inbreath,
and at the end of the inbreath we find the beginning of the outbreath,
and so these two aspects are a continuum of intention, a circle of wisdom.

This is also demonstrated in the way the Physical Lifeforce moves through and breathes the tissues and fluids of the body.
It’s an inner breath that is expressed as waves of motion, first moving in one direction and then in the other direction.
This is repeated as a continuum of tidelike motion and we find again that there is a circle, a circle of wisdom.

This inner breath was called the “Breath of Life”, by Dr William Sutherland,the founder of the Cranial approach. It’s a wonderful description of a profound process that invokes the fullness and wisdom of Life. It reminds us that we are a part of something beyond the sense of self, something that is freely giving life to our very being, in an instant. So, as we surrender our resistance, there is the Breath of Life waiting to inspire you.

Just notice

If you take a moment to be quiet and to observe your own breath you will notice over a period of time that your breath subtly changes. It is different and reflects our whole being in the moment.

Every breath hides within it the memory of all the breaths that have gone before, which in turn give birth to the very breath you’re now taking.
So we find that if we observe the breath we come closer to our history and how it is forming our future.

The amazing thing about all this, is that everything, both past and future is contained in the very breath that you are taking right now. This is true of both the respiratory breath and the Inner breath.

We find in both our respiratory breath, and within the Inner breath, that a continuous process of unfoldment is taking place. It has within it the potential to let go of the resistance we have to being our true self.

Paul Vick

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