People who train in Craniosacral Therapy

You will probably be interested in the healing arts, creative arts, dance, movement and meditation practices, yoga, chi kung or lifeskills in general.

You may already be a therapist wanting to understand more about the body and energy from a new perspective, so that you can work more effectively with your clients.

You may have detailed knowledge of anatomy and physiology in a theoretical way but seek to have a more embodied experience.

Essentially, there may well be a number of reasons why you'd like to be involved in the two year training, either to help support you in your existing therapeutic practice; study or personal development;
or simply looking for a ways to enhance your lifeskills.




The ideal candidate will be able meet most of the following, but it is also anticipated that suitable candidates may also come from other backgrounds or be suitably skilled in other ways.

If you are not sure - ask if your background is also suitable enquiries