A River of Life

I am sitting quietly, hands resting lightly on the client’s body. The client is in a deep place of rest. Over a period of time various states of Resonance are occurring, that take me and the client into a mutual awareness of an unfolding healing process.

So where does this perception originate?

I cannot say that it originated in me, as it is a participatory experience derived in the moment. A shared moment.

Perception, in this sense, is an attunement or synchronisation between my own rhythms and the rhythms of other things themselves'

Their own tones and textures and this creates a pulsatory ~ ~ ~ flowing within the ‘River of Life’.

We are all of us ~ ~ ~ the River ~ ~ ~

and this must be the Wisdom of Listening

to an attendant world that requires our participation.

© Paul Vick 2000


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