Training Director: Paul Vick R.C.S.T

Providing Fully Accrecidted Trainings in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy since 1995


The aim of the course is to graduate safe, skilled, and resourced practitioners, who have embodied and understood the nature of the healing process between the Body-Mind and the social environment.

Resonance Trainings overall commitment is to create communities of practitioners who can provide a nourishing and supportive environment to each other and the communities they serve.


Resonance Trainings intention is to provide a high standard of teaching that encourages students to learn through their own discovery and development in a peaceful, spacious and supportive environment.

This is a specialised approach to teaching that allows for a dynamic interaction between students and tutors, where embodiment and understanding of the healing process are the heart of the endeavour,

and that a respectful and compassionate understanding of the healing process is both understood and experienced.



A/. The early part of the training program focuses on the development of practitioner skills, palpation skills and interpersonal skills.

B/. With this ground of experience, the practitioner begins to explore more detailed anatomical relationships and their inter-relationships in the body. Each study area is developed gradually and later reviewed and combined together with their inter-relationships. Within the training each study area will have detailed instruction relating to:

The anatomy & its embryological development

Palpation skills related to specific systems of the body

Assessment of states of health and the re-establishment of natural states of balance.

Therapeutic connections & related cranial skills

C/. Having developed a depth of receptivity through palpation, the practitioner learns to engage the client’s system at the level required to be therapeutically beneficial within a practice setting. Processes of integration are studied and applied, and ways of working with specific conditions are learnt.