Rejuvenation means to be balanced and at peace

with the Inner Rhythms of your Being.

3 Ancient Awareness Practices

with Paul Vick

Enhance your existing practice and personal self exploration.

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'Inner World of Friendship'.

3 Ancient Awareness Practices

Practical session work & personal exploration:

1. The Procession of the Heart - The deeper rhythms of 'Being'.

2. The Silver Tree & Golden Sun - the space of the Light Body

3. The Five Inter-relationships - Consciousness, Perception, Communication, Grounding, Movement


The Origins of these Practices

The practices we explore in this seminar stem from the time when nomadic physicians (Shaman)

travelled the path of healing and eductaion around the Tibetan / Mongolian plains.

Because they would only pass through villages and camps occasionally, they passed on some of these practices

to the people they met, so they could help themselves and each other.

These Shaman understood that human suffering is based on the way we form relationships

with the world of nature / our community / and our inner nature.

These simple practices help to nourish these connections and to find a balanced way of living.

It is called it the 'Inner World of Friendship'.


What to expect:

Working together ~ connecting with light & gentle touch.

Personal exploration and joint practice ~ somatic meditations and exercises

Building inner resources, peace & strength.


Life is the Ceremony of Living