The Art of Study – Experiential Anatomy & The Energy Body
Learning through sensory innocence
Facilitator: Paul Vick & others

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Understanding and learning about the anatomy using body awareness, movement, your hands and eyes, and having fun at the same time. Sounds good doesn't it. No books, no confusion. No thinking required. Sensory innocence promoted.

Learning and participating in a group ls also great support for sessionwork and to understand and develop your non-verbal communication with the body. It is done through an embodied state - not a mental process.

These days of study within the training will be helpful for those already in some form of therapeutic practice or studying. It may also support people involved in some form of body movement, or simply to develop a greater awarenessof your own body. Either way it's all within the training.

What study areas have been developed so far?

Physical anatomy ~

The Energy Body ~

What is involved?

Lots of fun & Learning together!

Spatial awareness exercises, movement and creative ways of making and exploring the anatomy and processes in the body.

We explore simple ways of making representations of the body or energetic processes – you don’t need to be an artist, just someone who is willing to have fun making things together with the group.

Sometimes it is easier to create an allegorical landscape to explore a process or theme. We explore this by building the landscape as a mini environment and to then

walking through it, feeling it and to see it from different perspectives. Its a remarkable process that is easy to do and allows for a new way to embody what you are discovering and learning.

A specific area of study is a morning or less, depending on the topic chosen.