Out in nature – Nature talks back

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A Procession of Being

If you walk and let your mind be at peace,

you will find a new rhythm and difference in your ‘Being’.

What happens?

Walking without talking and walking

without thinking about other things.

Becoming aware of your breathing, your physical body,

its weight and its movement over the earth.

The rhythm of walking and stopping, pausing naturally, and starting again.

Not pushing for that point in the landscape you wanted to get to - yet. You will – but you may also be diverted.

Things change.

And that is a sign that you are falling into the rhythm.

Your mind will slow down and you will fall into the rhythm of nature. It is much, much, much slower.

Something new is revealed
in this way of being, your mind is not completely your own! Another kind of mind appears!

The truth is we live in this mind and it's activity all the time – but we don’t normally allow ourselves to settle within it.

When you attune with nature’s rhythm, you also attune with the ‘mind of nature’. It is different.

It feels like a Presence, and it communes with you.

You just need to allow something new to emerge.

Being aware that nature has you in it’s vision, and sees you as being a part of its symphony of Being,

there is a great comfort and it brings a sense of Peace and Wonderment.

Nature is all about Being.

So when we walk the streets and we are surrounded by ‘Nature’s mind’, and we are less attuned to it's Presence,

we are possibly drowning within the thoughts of other things.

Because we are not trained to be aware of this process, we have no realisation that we need to clear away these thoughts,

and rise to the surface to breath.


And when we realise – that is good - the clamor and the glamour will pass, and the new will embrace you.

Eventually you can enter this realm of Being, whenever you want, by simply breathing and becoming aware of 'Nature's Presence'.

You will become nature’s vision and will settle into the growing feel of the ‘Sensorium’.

You now forget that you were separate and find that you are the heart of this experience.

Compassion is not out there, it can only arise from within you.

Nature is not only immanent, it is transcendent,

it is alive, in every living thing we behold


Skies are blue, grass is green

you are Being ~ in the Heart of Nature.


The Heart of Being

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