The 3 Tides are three distinct waves of rhythmical impulse that can be palpated in the body, and in the surrounding field.

They provide a deep connection to a 'dynamic and intelligent Life Force' that pervades the whole body, at all times.

Each of the 3 Tides:

• Have a different rhythm
• Have a unique quality and purpose
• Relate to processes of balance & organisation in the body
• Relate to vitality and well-being
• Relate to different states of perception.

The 3 Tides are named:

1. The Cranial Rhythmic Impulse. 8-14 cycles per minute.

2. The Mid Tide. 2 1/2 cycles per minute.

3. The Long Tide. One cycle every 100 secs (approx).



Sometimes called the Cranial Rhythm. It is experienced as a physical motion within the anatomy of the body, (tissue, bone, membrane and fluid volumes). This motion is a response to the presence of the Breath of Life. It really feels as if the body is being breathed!

This Tide helps the practitioner to understand how the body is organised at a physical level. It also plays an important role in the way the body can release tensions and stress and to maintain a physical harmony.


This is a much slower Tide, and is often referred to as ‘POTENCY’ and sometimes as ‘LIQUID LIGHT’. It is much more subtle and energetic, and corresponds to the vitality of the body. It is the work force within the body and it helps to maintain the body’s health, with self regulating & self balancing processes.

With the Mid Tide it’s not what the practitioner can do to make things better, it is more a question of partnership. A partnership between the inner healer within the client’s body and the listening skills of the practitioner. This creates a field of resonance for the healing process to unfold.

A place of transformation.


The Long Tide is experienced within the body and the surrounding environment. It creates the understanding that the body is not seperate from its environment. It is centred within a dynamic & intelligent field of Life. It is even more subtle again and corresponds with the way things are organised and integrated. It is a state of deep inner healing and regeneration.

Working with the LONG TIDE is a process of resonance with the BREATH OF LIFE itself.