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Newly developed CPD courses of study


Emerging & Returning~ June

The Blessings of the Heart ~ Nov**


The Art of Rejuvenation ~ Feb**

The Circulation of Life ~ June **

limited group size


2 yr Fully Accredited Training

Craniosacral Practitioner Training– UK

begins March 2019

Introductory weekends 2018**

2 June - one day intro

6-7 October - 2 day weekend into


España - la Terapia Craneosacral

Practitioner training begins

April 2019 - Course full

La Terapia Craneosacral Biodinámica
Formacion professional y Cursos avanzados

~ Bilbao ~ Basque

~ Granada ~



We Have Forgotten

We have forgotten our greatest friend.
The very Lifeforce that anticipates our
every move, thought and desire.
We have lost touch.

The process of Inner Resonance
creates through a delicacy of touch
and a mindful presence,
a remembering.

In that place of remembering
we come full circle,
and return to the spirit of being
and the land of the heart,
our place of Belonging.

Our Return to Source

© Paul Vick